Kodi Kuddle


What’s up, everybody! 

I’m a curious guy and love exploring. So usually you’ll see me wandering around this awesome world looking for something new and fresh to discover.

I start off getting the hang of an unfamiliar place by eating exotic foods, checking out the local neighborhood, or trying to make friends. And even though we live in totally different areas on earth, we still can figure out how to understand each other and have a great time no matter what we do! 

Sports, I love them! Soccer, football, skateboarding, basketball, surfing, rollerblading…everything! Especially those crazy sports with the dudes who fly through the air, doing wild tricks or epic flips! When I’m feeling creative and just want to chill out, I’ll draw or paint, play my guitar, even make up a rad new dance. I just want to have fun.

So together on Kuddle, we can take adventurous trips, share crazy ideas, and create fun moments!

I hope to see you around! 


Kodi Pose for web

This is Kodi Kuddle

We added a default “friend,” named Kodi Kuddle to spread:

  • Knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Teach responsibility
  • The consequences of sharing content.

Through Kodi we hope to give children an understanding of ethical values and netiquette, as he will be sharing experiences from his life with ALL of his friends. By leading through example, Kodi will influence all Kuddle app Users.

  • Kodi’s objective will be to spread images and captions from his life that will reflect a tolerant view of different types of people, no matter their personality or background.
  • He will share the vision of what an active life filled with curiosity and discovery can be like, and will always emphasize that inclusion is better than exclusion.
  • He will also encourage people to believe in themselves and their own abilities.

The build-up of interaction between Kodi and the children using the Kuddle app will teach them how to make better choices in our sharing age.

With these tools, our goal is to influence children to make wise and reflected decisions regarding what they share with others, but also to influence how they make decisions throughout life in general.