Wondering exactly how Parental Supervision Works?

Parental Supervision is one of the most important and unique features on KUDOS! To ensure online safety, we give parents/caregivers the ability to regulate content on their child’s account(s).
Those under the age of 13 have to enter their parent’s/caregiver’s e-mail address when creating an account. So for all photos shared, captions written, friends added, or Groups joined, you’ll know about them and have the option to remove them via e-mail. If a Content Moderator deems the content inappropriate, they’ll send parents/caregivers an e-mail notification saying they’ve removed it. We aren’t perfect human beings and sometimes we just need to make mistakes in order to learn.

Here’s what we’ve added to make KUDOS safer!

Positive online behavior is crucial to an anti-bullying environment, which is why we stress it. Before a user shares a photo, questions pop up to promote the importance of netiquette.

That’s right, private profiles! It’s not possible to see other users’ posts unless the users are friends. However, full names are visible, keeping users accountable for what they post. We don’t want people hiding behind a fabricated username. We’ve also made “likes” anonymous in an effort to diminish popularity contests and bullying. To create an inclusive online space, we’ve decided users won’t have the ability to exclude one particular user, deleting others with just the tap of a finger. Only parents and caregivers are able to delete users through the Parental Supervision feature.

No Geo-Location !

We have also, deactivated the geo-location function so no one knows where other users are.