Ole Vidar Hestaas
Co-founder & CEO

Ole is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Previous successful startups he’s headed include IndustriData, Statsjobb, MobileAxept and Tide Forsikring.

With 4 children, Ole saw a disturbing trend in the amount of online bullying that occurs with adolecent use of social media. KUDOS is a solution that he hopes will create a massive shift in the way children enter the world of social media.

Christian Vebner
Co-founder & CTO

As Chief Technology Officer at KUDOS, Christian is responsible for making sure the KUDOS app works as smooth as possible. With a Masters in Cybernetics and co-founding a successful IT company, HANO AS, his technical knowledge and experience has been essential in this project.
He also has a strong overall sense of commercial understanding and has worked with several creative projects. During the creation of KUDOS he has participated and helped all departments with valuable ideas and inputs.

Christian saw the benefits of KUDOS, realizing that we can’t stop our children from being part of the social media revolution, but that we rather should guide them how to utilize it properly.

Knut Tarøy
Co-founder & CCO

Knut is our Chief Creative Officer and the creative soul at the KUDOS office. He also designs all of the visual elements at KUDOS – GUI, brand identity, Kodi, etc.
Since 2006 he has participated in other startups in digital communication and retail. He has gained significant experience from developing digital projects and concepts for national and international companies.
He has also co-founded a multi brand clothing store in Norway’s most high-end shopping mall.

KUDOS is a project he felt was most meaningful when teaming up with Ole and Christian, and jumped of his own “ready to go”-venture.

“In order to change the developing negetive online trends, we must create a movement of goodvibes through KUDOS.”

The Advisory Board

Pamela Kerwin
Former VP & GM, Pixar
Geoffrey Selzer
Former VP Creative, Disney Interactive Edutainment
Paul Kim, Phd
Stanford University, Assistant Dean & CTO, Graduate School of Education
Keith Winter
Experience includes Disney Interactive, Tribal Fusion, Electronic Arts & KPMG
EA games
Jeff Kirkley
Seven-Time CFO/VP Finance